Our Mob: Healthy in the Tropics



Our Mob: Healthy in the Tropics is an exciting new initiative at TIC. As part of the Department of Health and Ageing’s “Live Longer!” campaign, the program aims to promote the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Working with local Indigenous groups from Palm Island, Townsville and the Burdekin region, we are hosting a range of healthy living promotional activities aimed at achieving mental, physical and spiritual balance.For more information contact Project Officer¬†¬†on 4772 4800.


gallery18Live Longer Conference

Dr Tom Calma (National Coordinator of Anti Smoking Campaign) and Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM at the Live Longer Conference in Adelaide organised by the Department of health and ageing.



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Gracelyn unedited photoFrom Aunty Gracelyn Gullidala Smallwood:

Wadlamoolie all my Mob out there who are both Aboriginal and Islanders. It’s Gracelyn Gullidala Smallwood here and I just want you to listen to this very important message. We are going to too much “Sorry Business” and far too many of us are passing on before our time.

Elders are burying the younger ones. It is up to each and every one of us to take control of our own healthy lifestyle. Too much soft drink, sweets, fats, smoking, drugs and alcohol is shortening our lives.

We are already dying 17 years before other Australians. We must be well balanced mentally, physically and spiritually. It does not take much for us to have a medical check up and to start taking control of a healthy lifestyle today. Not exercising, bad eating and poor choices plays a major role in our poor health. Whether we’re skinny or fat, we still need to get regular medical checkups.

As an Elder and an advocate for Us Mob for the past 45 years, I am a healthworker, registered nurse and midwife. I also have a Certificate in Indigenous Mental Health and Swedish Massage, with a Master of Science Degree in Public Health and a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Rights. I have paid my dues nationally and internationally to give you this short vital message.

Our children are our future and we need them to be very strong and healthy. Please help by sharing this message and take responsibility for your own health so that we can stop attending too much “Sorry Business”.